Women's Self Defense Training

4-Hour Women's Self-Defense Course

Although not everyone has been a victim of crime, criminal acts touch on a wide range of people.  While you may have been fortunate enough not to have been a victim, you may know someone who has been a victim or crime.  Even if you don't know someone who has been a crime victim, you need only watch the evening news or read a newspaper to see stories about those who have become a victim of violent crime.

Women, as a general rule, are more likely to fear being victimized.  In fact, in a 2003 study published in the Western Criminology Review, women are three times more likely to fear a criminal attack than men.  

Women are also eleven times more likely than men to have been forced to do a sexually related act which can result in a deep seated fear of a sexual assault at the hands of a male attacker.  Women strongly fear the crime of rape, not only because of the violent act itself, but also because of the aftermath of rape.

How can a woman address these fears?  They can reduce their fear by having a greater understanding of how to predict when a crime is likely to occur and take steps to avoid becoming a victim.  They also need to possess some skills with simple physical techniques that can help them deter attacks or even escape a determined attacker.


Our 4-hour Women's Self-Defense course has two parts:  a personal safety seminar and a practical workshop.

The safety seminar portion of the course has been designed help you:

  • Understand the Criminal Mindset
  • Understand the Anatomy of a Criminal Event
  • Implement Proven Strategies to Avoid Becoming a Victim
  • Learn De-Escalation Techniques that can Defuse Conflicts
  • Learn How to Predict When and Where an Attack Might Occur
  • Understand Non-Lethal Options which can be used in Self Defense

The workshop portion of the course has been designed to help you:

  • Learn simple techniques that can free you from an attacker, regardless of their physical size
  • Learn to apply simple self-defense tools that can be taken anywhere without legal complications
  • Practice our techniques with other women in a non-threatening environment 
  • Stress test our techniques in actual attack scenarios

What you need for the class…

  • Note taking materials
  • Comfortable clothing that permits athletic activity
  • Sneakers or other flat soled shoes with non-slip soles
  • Reasonable ability to move around
  • A willingness to learn and participate
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