Doug, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your work at Saturday's CCW class. On behalf of myself and my boys, Alan and Robert, we appreciated your professionalism during all aspects of the training.

I will say that while you did an excellent job of squeezing in a great deal of information in the time allowed.  I think training as you provide through Armed Personal Defense™, teaching basic and advanced firearm handling skills as well as a extensive course on the legal issues involved should be mandatory before a CCW is issued to anyone but I guess that is not up to us.

In an industry and sport like firearms it is so common to see rank amateurs with training methods that are suspect and feel they can substitute war stories for real knowledge.  Your class is certainly an exception.  Well there you have it, anyway thanks again Doug and if you ever need an endorsement from a past student feel free to use me....

Hello Doug,

Thank you for taking the time to make my wife feel welcome and respected.  She was very nervous about taking a course and shooting with a bunch of men that she didn't know.

After learning more about equal force to force, I admit that I have been wrong on occasion in the past by leap frogging to a higher level of force than was needed.  You did a great job in pointing out some intermediate choices\deterrents that I\we need to incorporate into our personal safety program.

We are both looking forward to attending another Pistol class some time this fall.


Thank you for the fine job and effort put forth for our class. Not easy teaching when it's pushing 110 degrees outside.  When I was researching possible class options I chose your school because of your credentials.  Given that I was enrolling my wife and daughter as well as myself in your CCW class I was concerned that the class be taught by a well qualified individual.  To say the least, I was not disappointed.

Your class was excellent and you can expect to see us again in the fall for the "Advanced" course.  I can't imagine any instructor doing a better or more thorough job with the tremendous amount of material to be covered in just 8-hours.  Your presentation is straight forward, to-the-point and very understandable.  It was greatly appreciated.

I want to thank you specifically for your safety consciousness throughout the class.  I have taken other classes in the past and I have never seen an instructor personally check every single firearm in the class before and after range work.  You set a tremendous example. Thank you.


I just wanted to let you know that I was impressed with your class.  As a student of Self Defense I was impressed with the way you taught the class, the "No BS" approach to CCW and no mall ninja bragging on your part.  

Honestly, I did not expect to enjoy it, coming from a bigger firearms school and studying from some other well known instructors, I did not expect a smaller school to interest me much, but after taking your class I would put your knowledge and teaching skills right up there with the best of them. 

If a simple CCW class impressed me, I am excited to take other classes and learn from you.  No offense meant at all for underestimating a smaller school like yours, just being honest about how impressed I was.

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