Intro to Pistol and Basic CCW Courses


The Intro to Pistol Course -  4 Hours - $149.00 per person

This course is designed for the beginning shooter who has little or no prior pistol shooting experience.

After a review of firearms safety rules and safe gun handling skills, we will introduce the new shooter to the various types of pistols and their operation.  Students will be schooled in the principles of handgun marksmanship and be introduced to all fundamental gun handling skills.  Each student will shoot under the direct supervision of an instructor and receive extensive individual coaching.

Some of the topics covered in the Intro to Pistol course include:

  • Four Rules of Firearm Safety
  • Revolver and Semi-Auto Pistol Operation 
  • Safe Gunhandling Skills
  • Proper One and Two-Handed Grip
  • Correct Shooting Stances
  • Correct Aiming Techniques (Sight Alignment and Sight Picture)
  • Correct Trigger Manipulation
  • Proper Loading and Unloading Techniques
  • Static Shooting Drills
  • Advice on Firearm Selection and Recommended Accessories

*The Fine Print:  Rentals are available for $35 per person and include use of the firearm, all required ammo, eye protection and ear protection.  We accept cash, personal checks, Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

The Basic CCW Course - $149 per person

This course is appropriate for beginners or more experienced shooters who want to familiarize themselves with Arizona firearms laws, wish to gain a more complete understanding of when they may lawfully use force to defend themselves and learn how to prepare for a potential violent confrontation with a criminal.

During the class we cover the following topics in detail:

·       Firearms Safety Rules

·       Safe Handling and Storage of Firearms

·       Understanding the Criminal Mindset

·       Developing your own Fighting Mindset

·       Combatting Fear in a Life Threatening Situation

·       Strategies for Personal Defense

·       How to Deal with Threats

·       Non-Lethal Force Options for Self Defense

·       Understanding the Criminal Justice System

·       Understanding the Civil Justice System

·       Legal Justification for the Use of Lethal Force

·       Where You Can Legally Carry a Firearm

Should you decide to apply for an Arizona CCW permit, this course will satify all state mandated training requirements.  The cost of the course does NOT include the $60 application fee payable to AZ DPS.  This fee must be submitted to DPS in the form of either a certified check or money order at the time of application.


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