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Encore Wire Corporate Event - September 2011

Arizona Shooting Adventures™

Looking for a unique and fun group event for your convention or corporate function?  Try one of our Arizona Shooting Adventures™.  Even if the members of your group have never shot a gun before, our expert instructors guide will everyone through the required safety training, the basics of each weapons system and in proper marksmanship and gun handling techniques.

In each Shooting Adventure your group will have access to a wide variety of firearms.  Many of these are guns that even existing shooters may never have had the opportunity to shoot.  

Interested in the Old West, then try our Cowboy Shooting Adventure.  In this Adventure we feature rifles and pistols typical of the Old West including .45 Colt single action revolvers, Winchester lever action rifles and double barrel shotguns.

If your group is facinated by military arms, then try our Military Shooting Adventure.  In this adventure, we feature AK47, AK74 and M4 rifles.  We also feature a 1911 type service pistols and for a small extra charge can also feature a Sniper rifle.

Want something more generalized, we can select a variety of firearms that will appeal to a broad range of interests.

We can tailor our adventures based on size of your group and the time you have available.  We can arrange for weekday or evening events as well as weekends.  All shooting adventures are conducted at a shooting range that is exclusively used by your group.  Additional services can be provided upon request including transportation to and from the adventures, arranging for dining and cocktails after the adventure, and providing either speakers or light entertainment during dinner and cocktails.

Please contact us for more information on pricing or to request a proposal for your custom Arizona Shooting Adventure.  

Corporate Team Building Events

With over 25 years of experience leading sales and executive teams in the corporate world, Doug Little understands the importance of team building activities.   We can structure a team building program around our firearm training designed to help group members develop self reliance, mutual support and build their capacity to work effectively together.

As an experience manager and corporate facilitator, we structure programs that will:

  • Teach you how to utilize team member's individual skills to the maximum benefit of the team.
  • Provide a deeper understanding of your co-workers and how their operate under stress.
  • Provide an experience that will help them learn to perform and succeed as a team.
  • Increase the desire of team members to cooperate to achieve common objectives.
  • Give participants an opportunity to reflect on how results from the event apply to their work.
  • Allow all participants to have fun in a safe but challenging environment.
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