Combat Rifle


This 8 hour course is designed to teach you how to get the most out of your M4 Carbine or AK pattern rifle.  Topics covered include rifle manipulations, shooting positions and rifle marksmanship fundamentals.

The course overview includes:

  • Rifle Safety and Operational Rules
  • Loading and Unloaded Methods
  • Emergency and Proactive Reloading Techniques
  • Proper Sling Installion and Usage
  • Zeroing and Rifle Ballistics
  • Shooting Positions
  • Rifle Marksmanship from 0-100 meters

Required equipment includes:

  • Current Arizona CCW permit
  • AR-15 or AK47 platform rifle with iron sights, red dot or holographic sights.
  • Three 30 round magazines (minimum)
  • Rifle sling
  • 250 rounds target ammo
  • Ammo / gear management system (chest rig, battle belt, shoulder bag)
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Knee and elbow pads (optional)
  • Hat and clothing appropriate to weather (and crawling on the ground)
  • Personal care kit (bandaids, sunscreen, lip balm, hygiene items)


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